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Chef's Choice 460 Diamond Hone Sharpener

Last Modified: 02/07/09
First Published: 09/13/07
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Views: 1606

Brand and Type: Chef's Choice Multi-Edge Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener
for Straight or Serrated Knives

Price Range: $20 - $25Chef's Choice 460 Diamond Hone Sharpener

Rating: Medium

Description: Small chrome manual knife sharpener, with slots for straight and serrated knives.

Pros: Actually works. We have tested this sharpener on both straight and serrated knives for about a year now and it works very well. To just get a knife that has a good blade honed, this tool works very well.

Cons: When you actually need to take some metal off, prepare to do a little work. Even though the instructions state that passing it through slot one 20 times, and then through slot two 20 times, it needs more than that to get something dull to a new state.

Conclusion: We have found that to really get the full use out of this tool you need to run a good blade at least 60 - 100 times through each slot. But then it does a good job. I have heard that the $150 electric model works very well, but this does a great job, and the work is not too intense. But if your blade is actually damaged (bent or chipped) then either get it professionally repaired or try the electric model.

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