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Chef's Choice EdgeSelect 120 Knife Sharpener

Last Modified: 09/05/11
First Published: 09/05/11
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Views: 435

Brand & Type: Chef's Choice EdgeSelect 120 Knife Sharpener

Price Range: high around $140

Rating: High

Description: three-level knife honing and sharpening tool.

Pros: works to create a great solid 20° edge on most knives, including serrated and hunting knives.

Cons: does not do Asian style knives with 15° edge, may not be necessary for all kitchens.

Conclusion: For years now we have been using the Chef's Choice 460 Diamond Hone Sharpener to hone our collection of knives. That product does not give an edge to a knife, it preserves the edge it already has. The Chef's Choice EdgeSelect 120 Knife Sharpener actually grinds down a dull blade to give it an edge, as well as honing it to preserve the edge.

The 120 EdgeSelect has 3 levels of grinding. Level 1 is used to grind down the old blade, level 2 is used for already somewhat  sharp knives and level 3 is to preserve the edge and refine it.

Some of our knives needed level 1 and then we took them through all three levels, others needed just levels 2 and 3. This product works great. After using it on about 12 knives we learned how easy it is to use and how well it works. The edges of the knives are super-sharp and I even tried it on a hunting knife and it worked well on all types.

The only type of knives it does not work on are Asian because they usually have only one side ground and work on the 15° edge principle. 

We would highly recommed this product. Just remember you need to use levels 2 and 3 frequently to keep the edge and level 1 (grinding) only about once a year.

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