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Digital Kitchen Scale from Bed Bath & Beyond

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/10/08
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Views: 500

Bed Bath & Beyond has a great line of new digital kitchen scales available. Every kitchen should have a modern scale. Many desert recipes list ingredients by weight to be precise. We use kitchen scales constantly and would be lost without one.

Salter Digital Glass Kitchen Scale

This high-capacity digital kitchen scale has an 11 pound capacity and measures in 1/8th ounce increments. The large, easy-to-clean glass platform allows for weighing of large items. Multiple items can even be weighed consecutively with the tare feature.

Salter Glass Digital Scale

Salter Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

This handy electronic kitchen scale features a high precision strain-gauge weight sensing system, displaying weights accurately and precisely. The stainless steel platform style surface can be used with or without a bowl, and the scale automatically adjusts weight for most bowls and containers.

Salter Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

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