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Crystal Stemware from Bed Bath & Beyond

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 04/08/08
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Views: 1375

Crystal Stemware enhances a table setting with its elegant design and fragile look, yet they are very well made. Each piece of stemware has a unique design, look and purpose. The choices in crystal stemware from wine glasses to champagne flutes and from dramatic to classic and sure to make a statement on any place setting.


Kate Spade June Lane Crystal Stemware for Lenox

Crystal stemware receives a bit of whimsy with an elegant dragonfly etching. Combine the platinum-trimmed stemware with the Kate Spade June Lane Platinum dinnerware for a truly magical table setting. Hand wash.

Kate Spade Crystal Stemware

Eisch Breathable Glass Crystal Stemware

In order for most wines to be fully enjoyed, they must be in contact with the atmosphere outside their bottle. Breathable Glass crystal stemware from Eisch are crafted of lead-free crystal and undergo a unique oxygenization treatment that strongly accelerates the reaction of the wine with atmospheric oxygen. In only two to four minutes - instead of one to two hours spent in a decanter - the glasses allow the individual aroma and bouquet of your vintage to fully develop. And with their simple design, they make an aesthetic addition to your table.

Eisch Crystal Stemware

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