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Cake Stands from Williams-Sonoma

Last Modified: 04/10/08
First Published: 04/07/08
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Views: 593

These cake stands available from Williams Sonoma include a variety of sizes and shapes for all your display needs. Whether you need square, glass, or round you can find what you need.

We have always liked Williams Sonoma's products and love their stores. We have never been disappointed by their products or service.

Square Cakestands

The stand is crafted by a family-owned Italian pottery known for exceptional ceramics since 1958. We recommend washing by hand. Small, 9 1/4" sq., 3" high; Large, 12 1/2" sq., 4 1/2" high. Made in Italy. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

Square Cakestands

Emile Henry Ruffled Cakestand, Red

It features a ruffled edge and flared base. The rich red glaze, applied by hand, is exceptionally durable, so you can slice a cake without scratching the surface. Hand-wash. 12 1⁄2" diam., 4" high.

Emile Henry Ruffled Cakestand

Glass Domed Cake Plate

Turn the domed cover upside down on the inverted pedestal base to create a generous 6 1/2-qt. serving bowl. We recommend washing by hand. 12 3/4" diam., 11 1/4" high. Made in the USA.

Glass Doomed Cake Stand

Ateco Cakestand 12inch

This commercial-quality stand is from a company that has produced fine cake-decorating tools for American bakers since 1905. 12" diam., 5" high.

Ateco Cakestand

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