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Cast Aluminum Quarter Sheet Pan

Last Modified: 12/28/10
First Published: 12/26/10
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Views: 602

Brand & Type: Cast Aluminum Quarter Sheet Pan

Price range: around $20

Rating: 10

Description: Cast Aluminum Quarter Sheet Pan.

Pros: nice design, heavy design.

Cons: heavy.

Conclusion: This is the second quarter sheet pan we have tested, and this one is even heavier than the last. Made of cast aluminum, rather than rolled aluminum this pan is slightly smaller but about twice the weight of the Chicago Metallic version.

It is marketed as a fish broil pan, presumably because it can go directly underneath the broiler. We expect there is really not a temperature this pan could not take from a conventional oven. If you do broil fish on it, be prepared to scrape and clean for a while, but the results will be restaurant quality.

In general we really like these quarter sheet pans. They are quite useful for many kitchen tasks. If used only for cookies this pan may be overkill, but in a tough restaurant environment this pan will last forever.