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Digital Kitchen Scale from Macys

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/10/08
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Views: 1421

These digital scales from Macy's offer a great set of tools at a reasonable price. Every kitchen should have a modern scale. Many desert recipes list ingredients by weight to be precise. We use kitchen scales constantly and would be lost without one.

Salter Digital Kitchen Scale, 7 lbs

A digital read out makes weighing your special ingredients quick and easy. Add and weigh function. Wide platform accommodate different sizes of mixing bowls.10-year warranty. Model 1015

Salter Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale

Eliminate dietary guesswork with this convenient digital nutritional scale, which analyzes over 900 foods and ingredients, so you know exactly what you put into your body. Just place a portion of food or liquid atop the scale, enter a simple code, and the scale instantly indicates the weight and calculates the nutritional value! With its 99 memory setting, the scale tracks your nutritional intake so you know exactly how many calories, and how much fat, protein and other things you consume. Includes 9-volt battery. Model #1400. 10 year warranty.
Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale

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