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How To Make a Brine

Last Modified: 10/13/07
First Published: 09/23/07
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Views: 4649

A brine is a salt and sugar based solution which helps to tenderize meats like pork.

To make a brine you start with a large container and dissolve a 1/2 cup of salt in warm or hot water. Only use as much hot water as needed to dissolve the salt. Then add a few tablespoons of sugar. Again wait for the sugar to dissolve. Then place the meat in the salt water and fill with cold or ice water.

Other Possible Ingredients:

  • whole or crushed pepper corns
  • lemon pepper
  • bay leaf
  • dry mustard

You just let the meat sit in the brine for a couple hours and you will notice that the meat is much more tender and flavorful than without this step. Make sure the meat is down in the brine. Using a small plate will keep the meat submersed.