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RYOBI TEK4 4 Volt Remote Laser Temperature Reader

Last Modified: 02/08/10
First Published: 02/08/10
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Views: 1320

Brand & Type: RYOBI TEK4 4 Volt Remote Laser Temperature Reader

Price Range: high around $100

Rating: High

Description: laser remote temperature reader.

Pros: Durable industrial design, long distance readings.

Cons: May not be absolutely necessary for all kitchens.

Conclusion: This type of product may be more at home on a construction work site but it has many kitchen uses as well. You can read the temperature of any surface, up to as far as you can see the laser beam.

This thermometer has the ability to instantly convert between metric and standard temps as well as the ability to record a series of measures.

The heavy duty design will stand up to any weather situation and comes with a rechargeable 4 volt battery that fits in their other products as well.

We tested this thermometer on a variety of surfaces from distant streets to hot oil in a frying pan. Other than that this may not be necessary for everyone, we have no complaints about this product.