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Michel Bras Titanium Japanese Knife Set

Last Modified: 11/13/09
First Published: 11/13/09
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Views: 759

We recently were in Williams-Sonoma and came across a new set of titanium knives by Michel Bras. These are not your bargin knives many home cooks are used to since these knives cost more than most nice new ovens.

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These knives are like works of art that have a limited but devoted audience. The segment of high-end equipment for the home cook is like most high-end segments (handmade, limited quantity), the quality is outstanding and so is the price. If you are a serious enough cook or are a price-is-no-object type then this is certainly something that would appeal to you.

Lets assume that someone in this range comes in two flavors, you are either very wealthy and probably have the latest high-end commercial mixer as well as a few $2000 sets of mixing bowls, or you love the best, but have very little and you mortgage everything for just one of these knives. 

The knife that struck my eye was a vegetable cleaver that went for $700, thought I would mention it since Christmas is close. It is coated in titanium and wrapped around a few layers of increasingly harder stainless steel. These knives are made in Japan and it seems like the only place you can really find any of these to buy are all in Williams-Sonoma. We have come across a few paring knives in some other online shops but that was about it.

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