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Joyce Chen Japanese Vegetable Knife, 6-Inch

Last Modified: 03/04/08
First Published: 03/03/08
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Views: 1186
Brand & Type: Joyce Chen Japanese Vegetable Knife, 6-Inch

Price range: mediumvegetable_knife

Rating: High

Description: 6 inch vegetable knife with wooden handle and steel blade.

Pros: Out of the box the blade was very sharp and the knife is well balanced.

Cons: None. Just make sure you use it on vegetables or fruits only.

Weight: 2 1/4 ounces

Conclusion: This is the first Japanese designed knife we have tested. It has quite a different feel from the traditional German knives we generally use. After testing this knife on onions, small hot peppers and garlic it is hard to go back to a chef's knife. The knife is slightly heavier on the blade side and it works very well to cut very thin slices. You have a very great control over small vegetables that need to be minced, which can be difficult with a larger knife. Overall this seems like a very nice knife with a good quality blade.

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