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Small Size Utensil Set

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/24/07
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Views: 785

Brand & Type: Smaller-size set of knifes, forks, and spoons bought at the store "Duka" in Sweden

Price range: Medium-low

Rating: 9

Description: Small utensils perfect for serving an appetizer with or other small dish. Small knife and fork, very small spoon and a larger spoon with a longer handle.

Pros: These utensils are small and "clean" looking. No patterns or rounded corners or anything ornate about them whatsoever. Clean, small and adorable. The knifes and forks work well to serve a cheese plate with or other smaller dish. The small spoon is perfect for a small fine cake, or other nice dessert that deserves to be eaten slowly and carefully. The longer spoon is perfect to stir a larger cup of tea with or your gin and tonic.

Cons: These utensils are quite small and might not be suitable for some people. The small spoon has to be handled and washed with care as I once accidentally let it slip down the sink disposer as i was washing dishes. I later found the poor spoon all beaten up as the disposer blades didn't treat it well. I was so mad that i let it slip down there to begin with and that I on top of that turned the damn thing on!

Conclusion: Such fine utensils. We like their simplicity the best - it is quite difficult to find utensils in kitchen stores with no strange patterns or bulkiness or roundedness... In addition it is difficult to find smaller utensils and fine spoons like these. A very good buy.