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Salter Round Black and Stainless Kitchen Scale

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 08/23/07
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Views: 806
Brand & Type: Salter Round Black and Stainless Kitchen Scale

Price range:
Approx. $30.00


Stainless-steel salter kitchen scale. It's small, round and compact. Has a digital readout in both kg and lb's (metric & standard) and the maximum load is 7 lb in increments of 1/8 oz and 3kg in increments of 1 gram. Holds a 9 volt battery.

Pros: Has a clean smooth surface and easy to put plastic (saran) wrap over so as not to let any meat or candy product stick to it. This scale is pretty small and light.

Cons: For some uses it is too small and light.

Conclusion: This scale was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond and works great although I sometimes forget to use it. On the other hand Alton Brown from the cooking show always measures everything. Especially flour by weight.