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Emeril Cast Iron Cookware

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 03/29/08
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Views: 2119

Emeril has a product line of cast iron pieces that is both seasoned and durable. Always heats quickly and evenly and lasts a lifetime.

As far as I know the only brands that are pre-seasoned come from either Lodge or Emeril. We have heard that the pre-seasoning lasts for about 2 years. After that you may have to use traditional seasoning methods. Seasoning Cast Iron

"Find a little comfort in your cooking with this heavy-duty cast-iron skillet. From country fried chicken to lumberjack breakfasts, this pre-seasoned skillet is built to last, heating evenly and consistently for the tastiest down home cooking on either side of the Mississippi. Lifetime warranty."

Cast Iron Emerilware by All-Clad Cast Iron Skillet 12 inch

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