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Riedel Vinum Burgundy Glasses

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 11/19/07
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Views: 1358

Brand & Type: Riedel Vinum Burgundy Glasses, Set of 2 riedel

Price range: High, around $40 for 2 glasses

Rating: High

Description: Riedel Vinum Chardonnay glasses. The Vinum collection is Riedel's first machine-made series. The glasses are made of 24% lead crystal.

Pros: These Burgundy classes have a beautiful characteristic shape. Such nice, sleek wine glasses perfect for medium to full bodied wines such as Pinto Noir. These glasses aren't as nice as Riedel's hand-blown collection, but they are still gorgeous and they cost a lot less.

Cons: The glasses are very thin and probably easy to break. They are a little pricey.

Conclusion: These glasses are quite nice. Riedel makes wonderfully exquisite (and expensive) glassware. These glasses have a generous bowl that allows the bouquet to develop and a narrow rim that directs the flow of the wine to the center of the tongue, allowing you to experience subtleties and acidity better.