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All-Clad 1 quart Stainless Sauce Pan

Last Modified: 09/21/09
First Published: 04/01/07
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Views: 3069

Brand & Type: All Clad 1 quart Stainless Sauce Pan

Price range: Medium-high

Rating: 9

Description: One of the most useful sauce pans one can own. With an elegant design and beautiful finish we cannot say enough about this product. The pan has a great weight and thickness to it. Like all All Clad products, there are no sharp edges and its bottom is not reinforced with layers of other materials.

Pros: This pan is sturdy, simple and elegant. The thick uniform steel evenly heats and can be used from anything to boiling water to creating great sauces. It is quite difficult to break - as we know of someone who tried very hard by his careless cooking methods to burn it completely. Still, he uses the same pan every single day. You just can't break this one.

Cons: Not much negative to say about this pan - although sometimes it would be useful if it had a pour spout. But on the other hand, if a pour spout existed, the pot wouldn't be closed precisely if it was covered with a lid.

Conclusion: At least one is necessary for any complete kitchen - although we find it useful to keep several on hand.