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Bodum Assam Tea Press Pot

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/10/07
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Views: 1788

Brand & Type: 4 Cup Glass Bodum Assam Tea Press Teapot

Price range: Medium

Rating: 7

Description: Thin glass teapot with stainless steel tea strainer inside it.

Pros: The elegant design of this teapot is one of the things we like the most. It works well, and the pull mechanism that pushes the tea down into the strainer and stops the brewing process is effective.

Cons: The glass is very thin! When this pot was first purchased and we cleaned it for the first time, we accidentally forgot to remove the metal strainer inside it, so when we moved it around when cleaning, the metal strainer in the pot hit the glass and broke it. Luckily customer service works so wonderfully - we quickly replaced it. Although, now we clean it very cautiously. Since the glass is very thin, the tea doesn't stay warm for too long.

Conclusion: This is such a beautiful pot with en elegant design. We like it a lot, even if you have to be careful not to break it. The issue with the thin glass is unfortunate - we would very much like to try Bodum's new vacuum isolated teapot. But this one, nonetheless works well too.