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Pepper Grinder

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/20/07
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Views: 827

Brand & Type: Large Wooden Pepper Grinder of unknown brand, purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond

Price range: Medium

Rating: 8

Description: A relatively large (12-14 inches) pepper grinder of cherry-dark looking wood with a smooth design and shape.

Pros: A great, reliable, heavy-feeling pepper grinder that is made in just the right size - large enough to store a good amount of pepper without becoming overly large and clumsy. Also large and sturdy enough to make you feel like you're actually holding on to something of lasting quality where you can feel when you're grinding the pepper. And the color and the depth of the wood is beautiful.

Cons: Like all pepper grinders, be careful not to stuff it too much or it will be difficult to seal properly. Another thing that most people with any clarity will see is, do not stuff it with salt. In other words, do not fill a pepper grinder made for pepper with salt or it will corrode and become miserably unusable which we unfortunately had the opportunity to observe with a copy of this grinder which we no longer use.

Conclusion: This is the type of pepper grinder we like. Relatively large, beautiful finish, useful. We would like to have many with different kinds of pepper.