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Martha Stewart Collection Cooks Tools from Macys

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/08/08
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Views: 445

Martha Stewart has a new line of products exclusively at Macy's. We really like these new baking tools. The measuring cups/spoons and flour sifter are staineless steel. This new line she has in Macy's is really nice and not available anywhere else.

Martha Stewart Collection Measuring Cups

Measure your ingredients with precision and your dishes are sure to come out just the way you planned. These cups are perfectly proportioned, so you'll be pleased with the results every time. Limited lifetime warranty.

Martha Stewart Collection Measuring Cups

Martha Stewart Collection Measuring Spoons

Whether you're following a recipe or creating your own original flavor, adding precisely measured ingredients is the key to a delicious end result. Limited lifetime warranty.

Martha Stewart Measuring Spoons

Martha Stewart Collection Flour Sifter

The easier the baking experience, the sooner you can taste the fabulous final product. This flour sifter has a form-fitting handle that makes sifting simple, quickly generating mounds of perfect baking flour with a few clicks of the trigger. Limited lifetime warranty.

Martha Stewart Flour Sifter

The Martha Stewart Collection of Cook Tools are available from