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Glassware from Pottery Barn

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 04/07/08
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Views: 1387

While you are having that expensive bottle of wine you might want to try these new stemless wine glasses, or perhaps you might want something more traditional with that Burgundy. The Pottery Barn has many of the nicest stemware, and stemlessware we have seen. Having a great selection of glasses at home to match with any beverage is a nice way to enjoy yourself at an affordable price.


"Indulge in the relaxed European tradition of drinking wine from stem-free glassware. Ours are designed with a traditional bowl to enhance the attributes of any wine varietal, but can also be used to serve water, juice or cocktails."

Stemless Wine Glasses


"The angular profile of our Montana glassware collection sets it apart. Each piece is hand blown in Poland with thick, sloped sides, a heavy sham and a scissor-cut rim. Dishwasher-safe. Set of 6."

Montana Goblets


"We’ve updated our quality stemware collection, giving the goblet, wine glass and flute a larger capacity and a rounded shape that’s pleasing to hold. The martini glass maintains the classic, straight-angled silhouette that defines its genre. Made in Poland, a country renowned for its fine glassware, the glasses are hand blown from soda lime glass, bringing individual character to each piece. Their substantial bases lend stability and weight. Dishwasher-safe. Sets of 6."

Claro Stemware


"Made in the Netherlands by a company known for its quality craftsmanship, our tall glass stemware shares the look, clarity and proportions of crystal. Each piece mixes fine details with remarkably sturdy construction. Dishwasher-safe. Sets of 6. "

PB Classic Stemware

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