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Farberware Non-Stick Fry Pan 10 inch

Last Modified: 11/08/10
First Published: 05/23/07
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Views: 3158

Brand & Type: Farberware 10" non-stick fry pan

Price range: Low

Rating: 9

Description: This is a very sturdy, simple fry pan with aluminum bottom coating, a sturdy silicon handle and a smooth non-stick surface.

Pros: This is one of the cheaper models on the market, yet it is very sturdy and feels well-made. It is very much like a simple non-stick pan that would be used in a restaurant kitchen.

Cons: Inherent in this pan's non-stick nature there are of course limitations and obvious cons such as its tendency to scratch, its questionable ability to be used over hot temperatures when toxic fumes could possibly be released... Although, we have handled this pan very carefully and have nothing negative to say about this model.

Conclusion: We have been skeptical towards the non-stick concept because of its obvious flaws and limitations and because it often seems you could just as well use a cast iron or stainless steel pan instead. But as the design and surface of a non-stick pan undeniably is very useful for some jobs, we decided to purchase one.

We found this very reasonably priced pan and have used it mostly for omelets and crepes. The result of the omelets in particular really made us appreciate this pan - it works like a dream! It's smooth, relatively responsive to heat, has a sturdy handle and a great non stick surface... As we only use a silicon spatula or wooden tools for this one, keep the heat relatively low and wash it carefully, we haven't noticed any sign of wear or tear. This was a very good buy, and we could definitely see the use for a few more non-stick pans to keep on hand.