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Cleaning Non-Stick Cookware - Caring for Non-Stick Cookware

Last Modified: 11/28/08
First Published: 11/28/08
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Views: 1181
We recently recieved a message/question about cleaning non-stick cookware:
"I have a heavy bottom frying pan, non-stick that looks awful and want to know how to get it clean. Or should it be thrown away. Is it safe to cook in looking like it does? Please reply. Thanks"

From your message it sounds like some of the non-stick surface has flaked-off and/or food has begun to stick to it.

At this point probably the best thing to do is throw it away. There is no sense in exposing your family to potentially harmful chemicals.

We suggest getting a decent non-stick frying pan for use with certain food only. This Farberware frying pan is cheap ($15-$25), or you could try a more expensive alternative (All-Clad 12 inch Non-Stick Frying Pan). We like the cheap model from Farberware because we don't use non-stick enough to justify spending $150 on a pan that one day will wear out.

Non-Stick Care 

The way we deal with non-stick is simple. We only cook eggs in it, or maybe reheating some leftovers with a lid. But we never use it on high heat (usually medium), we never put it in the oven and we never use metal utensils on the pan.

Many people over-use non-stick, they sear steaks, caramelize onions and overall use it for purposes that a regular stainless is made for.

Basically we suggest using non-stick sparingly. With this method our Farberware has been unscratched and like-new for over 2 years. Eventually it will probably breakdown, but at least it was cheap to begin with.