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World Market Banana Chocolate Spread

Last Modified: 11/18/11
First Published: 06/30/10
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Views: 2117

If you like Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread used widely in Europe you might like to try this sweet banana-chocolate version from the World Market. The flavor is pretty strong, with a significant banana flavor which is very spreadable on just about anything. It is very good, if not a little strange.

Unlike Nutella, which after you get used to the idea of spreadable chocolate tastes normal, the World Market version gives you the idea that this is artificial in a way. One of the best uses of Nutella is to spread it on fresh-made crepes and I bet this banana chocolate spread would work very well for that also.

Since it is so spreadable you can use it on any type of bread. To this point I have not heard of it being used in actual cooking, and I am not sure how well it would hold up to any type of heat. It seems like you basically spread this type of food on anything and everything. Celery, carrots, breads, crepes...I guess it can replace or complement cream cheese. We will have to do some tests to find out.