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Trying Organic Milk

Last Modified: 05/06/10
First Published: 01/09/10
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Views: 712

We usually do not buy organic milk. In the past we would go back and forth, trying a few different kinds, but eventually forgot about it and just bought regular whole milk from the grocery store each time. Feeling like we needed a change I went to the local co-op grocery and splurged on 1 quart of non-homogenized organic milk.

This milk is a little more expensive than our normal supermarket. One gallon of regular whole milk from the supermarket is around $2.50, one quart of organic milk, with $1.50 bottle deposit was $4.50. This is not exactly cheap but if you have never had the cream at the top of the bottle or it has been 50 years, then you will appreciate that this brand.

The Strauss Family Creamery milk was significantly better than the supermarket brand. You can't even compare. The whole milk we used to buy is like white chaulk water compared to it. Although at around $12 a gallon it can be pricey.

So we also tried a supermarket organic milk, Stremicks Heritage Foods Organic Milk. At about $6 gallon we could live with the price.

While it was homogenized it had a lot more flavor than the stuff we used to buy. For the last few months we have bought only organic. But really the most important thing is how much you pay attention to begin with. Because as soon as you find something that satisfies you forget, and the really fun part about food is to go out and try something new. So maybe we should go try some new milk and get rid of what we get used to.