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Trying to understand Yogurt

Last Modified: 05/06/10
First Published: 05/06/10
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Views: 738

Brown Cow Yogurt

Sometimes we can go through a lot of yogurt. Cereal, pancakes, granola...etc. We usually buy Nancy's Honey Yogurt. It is plain, not honey flavored. It is a little tangy and has a medium texture, but after a while it gets a little boring.

So we went to the organic isle and tried a few other brands over the next couple weeks. There is quite a difference in taste, texture and price out there.

When we tried the Brown Cow yogurt it was like a completely different experience. Over the years you come to believe something is like something simply because of your limited experience.


After a time your brain is not growing, not because of age, but because you limit yourself and have a great deal of expectations about something.

Since most people think yogurt is blue, or pink, intensely tangy and filled with sugar and fruit they never really get to see what yogurt is. Maybe we were not quite that bad, but we did become accustomed to our version of pink yogurt with Nancy's plain.

So when we compared a few brands, Nancy's, Brown Cow and Straus Family we could really notice major differences.

The Straus was loose, slightly tangy and creamy. The Brown Cow was not homogenized and had a thick cream top. It was not at all tangy and was so thick it did not resemble yogurt we were used to. 

Over time it would be a nice goal to try different butters, hams, beef and anything else we can try that we believe too much that we understand.

If you have any experience with different Whiskeys you should realize that different methods, makers and aging can significantly alter the taste and quality. Everyday food is no different, and how much fun to explore all the interesting brands out there.