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Salt and Vinegar Grilled Potatoes

Last Modified: 08/04/10
First Published: 08/02/10
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Views: 648

Inspired by salt and vinegar potato chips, these salt and vinegar grilled potato slices have a similar taste, but a more substantial texture. If you're thinking about doing something interesting with potatoes, that also encompass a grill, then this is definitely the thing to do. The taste of the potatoes is really interesting; the large potatoes are sliced into ½ inch slices and then boiled in white vinegar. This thoroughly infuses them with a distinctive vinegar taste which is both unique and refreshing when it comes to soft potatoes. Once they are almost cooked through we remove them from the vinegar, dry them, brush them with oil, sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper and place on a hot grill, a couple of minutes on each side.

The result? A vinegary taste, a soft texture in the middle and a bit of a bite at the surface. To boil the potatoes in vinegar is really a pretty cool idea. The flavor comes through strongly which is really tasty, however if you want a touch less vinegary potatoes, then you could always use two thirds vinegar and one part water when you parboil the slices.

Now wouldn't this be a nice dish to serve at a buffet or at your next bbq party? It's certainly unexpected and when people try these potatoes they will display both surprise and delight.

If you're looking to serve something a bit different, then these vinegar and salt grilled potatoes would be perfect. And the leftovers? These potatoes are perfect to cut up the next day and make hash browns with or put in an omelet.