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How To Make Crispy Hash Browns with a Fried Egg

Last Modified: 07/23/10
First Published: 10/09/07
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Views: 9973

Hash browns almost seems like the forgotten comfort food. Maybe because really good ones are difficult to come across, or at least they can be tricky to make yourself. If you don't take your time, they won't cook properly; if you cut them too large they'll take forever; if you utilize a skillet or cast iron pan and skimp on the fat, they will stick... There is an art to something as simple as hash browns!

We like our hash brown very crispy and cut in small cubes - not grated. They are so tasty when golden and crunchy and flavored with thyme and topped with a fried egg.

This is How we make Hash browns:

For 4 small portions start with around 4 small potatoes, a mix of red and white works best.

Dice the potatoes into small cubes, smaller cubes work better, so you should take your time. After that we have found that placing your potato cubes in a covered bowl with water for a few hours reduces the surface starch and improves the result. (For easy preparation, you can cut your potatoes and leave them in water overnight - they'll even last 2 days in the water.)

Drain the potato cubes well and use around 1 teaspoon of salt.

In a cast iron skillet, or non-stick fry pan, put in a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan on medium heat. If you use a cast iron skillet, you might need to add a little more fat...

You'll want to keep the heat on medium to medium-low for around 15-20 minutes. Every few minutes stir and let the potatoes brown evenly.

We have found that the seasonings that work best are lemon pepper and thyme. We use them liberally while the potatoes are in the frying pan.

Once they are done, plate the potatoes and fry the eggs in the same pan. Use one egg per person, season it with salt and thyme. When the egg is almost done, flip it over for just a second, then place it on top of the potatoes. This method will ensure that your yolk is still loose but all the egg whites are cooked.

Serve immediately.