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Homemade Potato Chips

Last Modified: 08/13/10
First Published: 01/14/09
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Views: 2028
homemade potato chips
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General Info
Servings: 8
Total Cost: $1.26
Cost Per Serving: $0.16
Total Calories: 1,777
Calories/Serving: 222
Potato, Baking (5 medium) * 3.00 Pounds $0.78 1,265
Vegetable Oil (amount absorbed) 1/4 Cup 56.00 Grams $0.13 480
Salt, Table 3 Teaspoons 18.00 Grams $0.03 0
Paprika 2 Teaspoons 4.60 Grams $0.30 13
Garlic Powder 2 Teaspoons 5.60 Grams $0.02 19

We have made homemade french fries, donuts and polish cookies, but we have never tried potato chips.

We took about 5 medium sized baking potatoes and used a mandolin to slice them thin. We left the skins on just so they would be easier to deal with and it turns out that the flavor was great.


Slice the potatoes thin with a knife or mandolin. Rise in water and then pat dry.

Bring about a quart of vegetable oil to 375 degrees F.

In small batches fry the potatoes for about 3 - 4 minutes, or until golden brown. Lay them out on a sheet pan with some newspaper or paper towels to absorb any excess oil.

As soon as they are removed from the oil add a good amout of seasoning.


In a food processor, or mortal and pestle grind together the spices until they are fine.

5 medium potatoes makes about enough to fill a 6 quart bowl - At least a big bags worth.