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Strawberry bites with soft goat cheese and balsamic syrup

Last Modified: 03/14/11
First Published: 06/17/07
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Views: 4597

How wonderful that strawberries are in season and so sweet and plentiful! We had a lot of strawberries on hand and needed to eat them before they went bad! So we extended our strawberry intake to appetizers as well into this classic combination of goat cheese, strawberries and reduced balsamic vinegar. And I have to say that this is really the epitome of summer sweetness - such a simple yet delicate treat. Try it!


  • Good, crispy bread base such as grilled flat bread, baguette, toasted tortilla, crackers.. (we used grilled flat bread)
  • Fresh strawberries, cleaned and cut into bite size pieces
  • Soft goat cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • Some fresh basil
  • Balsamic vinegar


Start with putting some balsamic vinegar in a small casserole on the stove and let it the reduce for a few minutes until syrupy (yes the aroma in your kitchen will be over-pungent, but just bear it out.)
Grill or toast your bread and cut into bite-size pieces. Mix the goat cheese with cream cheese until you achieve a good balance (if you really like goat cheese, you can use that as it is) and add some fresh, chopped basil. Spread on the bread, top with a few strawberry pieces and drizzle over some of the balsamic syrup.

Enjoy in warm weather along with some taste coctails!