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Homemade Tahini

Last Modified: 02/24/08
First Published: 02/23/08
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Views: 882
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General Info
Servings: 1
Total Cost: $0.26
Cost Per Serving: $0.26
Total Calories: 498
Calories/Serving: 498
Sesame Seeds 5 Tablespoons 45.00 Grams $0.20 258
Vegetable Oil 2 Tablespoons 28.00 Grams $0.06 240

Making tahini at home is very easy and much cheaper than buying a jar. Since most people do not use it too often this recipe is simple enough to just make what you need.

Sesame seeds are pretty small and if the amount you want to make is small then a full food processor may be too large to blend up the ingredients. We used a small immersion hand blender immersion blender so that all the seeds could blend easily.

Add the sesame seeds and vegetable oil (you could use olive oil instead) and blend until it forms a pretty fine paste.