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Corn Syrup, Light

Last Modified: 03/30/08
First Published: 12/08/07
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Views: 1540
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Corn Syrup, Light
Price: $1.88
Calories: 961.00
Volume: 1.00
Corn syrup, is a thick sugar syrup made with corn. There are two different kinds of corn syrup, light and dark. The only difference between light and dark corn syrup, is that the dark syrup has been tinted with molasses. Light corn syrup, is not "lighter" in volume or calorie count.

You make corn syrup by extracting starch from the kernels of the corn and then treat it with an acid or or enzymes to develop it into a syrup.

When using corn syrup, you get the added benefits of volume, flavor enhancement, moisture retainment as well as prevention of crystallization. Corn syrup is mostly used at home in baking and candy-making but it is also a common ingredient in beverages, breakfast cereals, condiments, cough syrup, ice creams and more.

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