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Stainless Steel Ladle for Soup or Stew

Last Modified: 12/29/09
First Published: 12/29/09
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Views: 431

Brand & Type: Stainless Steel Ladle for Soup or Stew, two sizes 6 ounce and 2 ounce

Rating: High

Price: medium

Description: elegant, stainless steel ladle

Pros: Solid construction, stainless steel, long handle

Cons: none

Conclusion: These stainless steel ladles are our favorite so far. Like many other kitchens you probably have a few around, some are old and some just don't work right.

We came across these in a local kitchen store and really love the long handles and simple construction. They are pretty thin and light. Perfect for soup or stew. We also have large heavy ladles but we prefer this style.