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Henckels Mikado 6 1/2 inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Last Modified: 01/04/10
First Published: 01/02/10
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Views: 829

Brand & Type: Henckels Mikado 6 1/2 inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Rating: High

Price: medium

Description: 6 1/2 inch Japanese vegetable knife

Pros: Solid construction, thin blade, good handle, light-weight

Cons: may not be necessary for some kitchens, use only for vegetables

Conclusion: If you like to collect knives, or are a serious home cook then this is a great knife to try. We really like the thin blade as it cuts through onions with ease, and has good balance and control.

This is the first knife of this type we have tried. We have used santoku knives, but I personally do not like that style of blade. I found the nakiri blade much more useful than the santoku blade but it is a personal preference.

The end of the blade is not sharp and is not a replacement for a chef's knife or other versatile knifes. This is a great vegetable knife and we do not recommend this type of knife for meat or chopping. The blade is meant to slice so you may have to get used to not rocking the blade as you would with a chef's knife.

The blade is quite sharp out of the box but like anything else it should be honed before each use and sharpened once a year or so. For the money the quality of the knife is very high. You can spend a lot of money on Japanese knives and they are becoming very popular but may not be a must-have for everyone.

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