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Grill Sautee Pan

Last Modified: 06/28/10
First Published: 06/24/10
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Views: 496

Brand & Type: Grill Sautee Pan

Price Range: medium, around $20

Rating: High

Description: 10 inch grill sautee pan

Pros: metal, wood handle, large area.

Cons: some type of non-stick surface, although it has not scratched yet.

Conclusion: Most people use the grill to cook steaks, or maybe aluminium foil packs of fish and vegetables, but sometimes you don't want to go inside for anything. We have frequently used pans, pots, skewers...etc on top of, or within the coals themselves to really get unique cooking flavors.

But to be able to sautee onions on a grill using a cast iron pan sort of keeps the flavor out, that is why we really wanted to try the grill sautee pan. And it works. The onions really sautee nicely and they char a bit, which is what you want.

The wood handle fold backs for storage, but it is only necessary if you are using it to camp. Overall it seems to be a good product.