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Kirkland Costco Stainless Steel Tri-Ply 4 Quart Sauce Pan with Lid

Last Modified: 11/20/09
First Published: 11/20/09
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Brand & Type: Kirkland Costco Stainless Steel Tri-Ply 4 quart Covered sauté pan with lid

kirkland 4 quart sauce panRating: high

Price: low, sold in a set

Description: 4 quart tri-ply stainless steel sauce pan with lid

Pros: widebase, high sides, stainless steel clad design, stainless steel lid, 4 quart size, helper handle

Cons: none

Conclusion: This 4 quart sauce pan is from the Kirkland Costco 13 piece tri-ply stainless steel cookware set.

A quick view of this pan shows its positive qualities. It is pretty large and has straight sides, no lip, a stainless steel lid and a helper handle. The handle is also very comfortable and wider than most of the clad-competitors on the market.

For the money we can't think of a better pan. We like the 4 quart size much better than the 3 quart that All Clad (~ $170) offers, and since there is no lip placing a thermometer on the pan is much easier.


We tested the pan while making chicken parmesan. Over medium-high heat it came up to temperature pretty quick since it has an aluminum core sandwiched between layers of stainless steel.

While browning the chicken breasts there were no hot spots, and it sauteed well, and even though we removed and added more chicken the pan retained heat and did not burn. Browning was very even, and the 4 quart size is large enough to accomodate 4 - 5 chicken breasts. A nice feature is the helper handle, and it comes in handy with a heavy full pot of chicken and pasta.