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Bed Bath and Beyond Dish Drying Mat

Last Modified: 08/26/10
First Published: 04/27/10
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Views: 1026

Brand & Type: Bed Bath and Beyond Dish Drying Mat

Price Range: low, $4.99 each

Rating: High

Description: drying mat for dishes

Pros: good price, soft, does not slide.

Cons: none.

Conclusion: If you hand wash dishes this is a much better product to use than a dish towel. It is softer, does not slide and absorbs a good deal of water. You can wash this in the machine and just reuse it all the time. We have not had any problems with this and it is cheap enough to buy more than one.

Update August 26, 2010

We recently picked up an even larger dish drying mat and the larger surface is just that more practical than the smaller size. So far it seems like a great product.