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Wusthof 4 inch Paring Knife

Last Modified: 03/14/08
First Published: 11/10/07
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Views: 1514

Brand & Type: Wusthof 4" paring knife

Wusthof 4Price range: low

Rating: 7

Description: A small, compact paring knife with a stainless steel blade. This is the cheap version of their paring knife. We reviewed Wusthof 3.5" Paring Knife also.

Pros: This knife feels pretty good in your hand. This 4 inch knife seems to be the typical length, though we prefer the Wusthof 3.5" Paring Knife instead. This knife has a nice edge, and it is great to have as a second knife.

Cons: Since this is the cheaper version of their pairing knife it is not as heavy and the control is not as great.

Conclusion: This is a good general paring knife for many tasks.

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