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Williams Sonoma Monogrammed Beer Mugs Set of 4

Last Modified: 04/06/08
First Published: 04/02/08
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Views: 611

Brand & Type: Monogrammed Beer Mugs Set of 4

Price range: high, around $50 - $60

Rating: 8

Monogrammed Beer Mugs

Description: set of 4 beer mugs.

Pros: solid design, monogramming available.

Cons: high price.

Conclusion: A very unique clean design which we like because you always need something new. Great mugs to leave in the freezer ready for a cold beer.

From the manufacturer:

"Essential for the well-equipped home bar and distinguished by monogramming, our glass beer mugs have ample capacity for a generous head of foam."

These monogrammed beer mugs are available at