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Sylvania Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Model WP1000AL38-5S

Last Modified: 07/19/12
First Published: 08/02/07
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Views: 5475

Brand & Type: Sylvania Microwave Oven Model # WP1000AL38-5S

Price range: Medium

Rating: High

Description: Stainless steel exterior microwave - 1000 Watts, 1.4 cu.ft. with a glass tray. Has a control panel display with lots of operating levels that does just about everything.

Pros: Great for reheating since all you have to do to heat a cup of coffee or soup is to press a button. Easy to clean & just looks clean and simple.

Cons: Really can't think of any - maybe too many choices.

Conclusion: This microwave is fairly new and we don't use it nearly enough but I do like it.

Update: After using this microwave for 2 years we have found no problems. It is large, works consistently and we have found it does more than boil water.