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Spice Racks from Martha Stewart Collection at Macys

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/07/08
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Views: 2531

Martha Stewart has a really nicely designed and functional set of spice racks. Whether you have a kitchen designed with a wood theme or a new stainless steel design you will find a spice rack to match your space.

Don't forget to refill your spices every six months or so. Even if you have not used them, through the old spices out and replenish them.

Martha Stewart Collection Wooden Spice Rack

"Add some interest to the storage of herbs and spices. Based on a vintage flea market find, the unique stepped design sits flush against your kitchen wall and displays 18 metal tins filled with herbs and spices, each like a little work of art."

Martha Stewart Wooden Spice Rack

Martha Stewart Collection Chrome Spice Rack

"With 12 of the most essential herbs and spices at your disposal, you'll never be at a loss for flavor. Gleaming in gorgeous chrome, this three-tiered rack is designed for classic spice storage and easy countertop access."

Martha Stewart Chrome Spice Set

Martha Stewart Collection Orbital Spice Rack, 16-Piece Set

"You never know when you'll need a dash of herb here, a pinch of spice there. This handsome rotating rack includes 16 herbs and spices to complement virtually any dish in your repertoire of recipes."

Martha Stewart Orbital Spice Rack

Martha Stewart Collection Space Saver Spice Rack, 20-Piece Set

"Inspired by the neat, tasteful organization of wine racks, this space-saving structure sits flush against the wall, providing immediate access to 20 extraordinary herbs and spices."

Martha Stewart Space Saver Spice Rack

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