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Microwave Ovens from Bed Bath and Beyond

Last Modified: 11/16/09
First Published: 04/09/08
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Views: 3386

A new microwave oven is a pretty cheap way to add a little of the modern to your older kitchen. Plus many of these models are much more powerful and larger then what you are replacing.

If you are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and are looking aroud at all the out-dated appliances you have, one of the best and most reasonably priced ways to improve your kitchen's look is to get a modern microwave.

These new micorwaves from Bed Bath & Beyond are modern, large and powerful. The new red color from KitchenAid is especially interesting for a new look.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Featuring a stainless steel interior and 25 preprogrammed settings, this microwave oven supplies the ideal cooking environment. It features touchpad controls with LCD, a rotating 12" glass tray and eight preset menu options. Model CMW-100

Cuisinart Microwave Oven

KitchenAid Red Countertop Oven

This countertop oven combines durability with style and performance. With a spacious .5 cubic-foot interior, it's ideal for baking a whole chicken, roasting beef tenderloin or toasting hors d'oeuvres. It's also excellent for reheating pizza and toasting bagels or bread. Model KCO1005

KitchenAid Countertop

Sharp Mid Size Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Microwave

Easily select times and power levels on this microwave with the precise auto-touch controls. With the six reheat options, often-served foods such as beverages, pizza, rolls and muffins are easy to heat. The six cook options ensure perfectly cooked popular foods for one or six servings.Model R-315JS

Sharp MidSize Microwave

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