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MIU Plastic Flexible Cutting Board Set

Last Modified: 08/24/09
First Published: 08/24/09
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Views: 453
Brand & Type: MIU Flexible Cutting Board, Set of 5

Price range: low, around $10

Rating: 6

Description: flexible plastic cutting board set.

Pros: flexible, set of 5.

Cons: plastic.

Conclusion: In general we are not big fans of plastic cutting boards. They have a slippery surface and can be hard on good knives. This model is made of plastic, but in general we like good hard woods. Plastic is nice to clean sometimes and it is said it is better to prevent bacteria, but we still like wood better. We have used these plastic flexible boards for a while and it is nice to have extra around but they do not last as long as wood. They cut up easily but if you want to have separate boards for meat, cheese and vegetables then this is a low cost way to do it.