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Lolita Martini Glass 2008 Design

Last Modified: 04/06/08
First Published: 04/03/08
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Views: 725

Brand & Type: Lolita Martini Glass 2008 Design

Price range: around $22

Rating: 6

Lolita Martini Glass

Description: Stoneware Place Setting.

Pros: interesting design.

Cons: none.

Conclusion: Unique hand-painted bunco martini design.

From the manufacturer:

"Lolita martini glasses 2008 collection Bunco-tini Martini glass from Santa Barbara Ceramics featuring the hand-painted bunco martini design by Lolita. Perfect for martini lovers and part of the love my martini collection from Tracy Lolita Yancy, this high quality glassware is a unique piece of art and comes individually gift boxed."

The Lolita Martini glass is available at