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Lodge 10 1/4 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Last Modified: 01/28/09
First Published: 01/28/09
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Views: 261

Brand & Type: Lodge 10 1/4 inch Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Price range: low, around $17

Rating: 7

Description: 10 1/4 inch Cast Iron Skillet.

Pros: good size cast iron skillet, low price.

Cons: pre-seasoned. heavy.

Conclusion: Cast iron is a great material to cook with and this pan is a great everyday size.

Lodge has their whole "Logic" series of pre-seasoned cast iron pots and pans and we are not big fans of these pre-seasoned pieces. People may mistake this for a nonstick coating, but it is not at all. Real longterm seasoning can achieve a sort of nonstick character but this is not the same thing as Lodge has accomplished. We are not sure exactly how the longterm use will affect the pre-seasoning but from experience seasoning an ordinary cast iron pan is not difficult.

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