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KitchenAid KHM3WH hand mixer

Last Modified: 04/09/08
First Published: 04/01/08
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Views: 476

Brand & Type: KitchenAid KHM3WH hand mixer

Price range: medium, around $40

Rating: 7KitchenAid 3 speed hand mixer

Description: 3-Speed Handheld Mixer.

Pros: Rounded power cord. Protected air vents.

Cons: may not be necessary if you have a stand mixer.

Conclusion: KitchenAid makes great products and this one is no exception. We think having a good quality hand-held mixer as well as a good stand mixer is a must for any well equipped kitchen.

From the manufacturer:

"3-Speed Classic Mixer Features: Easy-to-use 3 speed control - Powerful enough to mix double batches cookie dough. Beater ejector button (oversized)."

This mixer is available at goodmans