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Ikea 3 Quart Sauce Pot with Lid

Last Modified: 01/05/09
First Published: 01/03/09
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Views: 360

Brand & Type: Ikea 3 Quart Sauce Pot with Lidikea 3 quart pot

Price range: medium

Rating: 8

Description: 3 quart clad sauce pot.

Pros: solid clad design, stainless steel, lid.

Cons: possibly flared sides.

Conclusion: This is the first piece of cookware that we have tried from Ikea, and we have been very pleasantly surprised. First of all a 3 quart pot is a great size for so many uses. But the design of the pot is also very nice. The solid clad design means that there is no sandwich bottom, which is generally the sign of poor cookware. The flared sides are nice for rice, sautéing onions or frying steak. And the large open bottom surface makes it easy to get at the food and use a spatula.ikea 3 quart pot

So far we have been able to caramelize onions, make enchilada sauce and use it for rice. This would also be great for boiling potatoes.

The only thing that this is not so great for is making candy. The flared out sides make this pot difficult to use with a thermometer.