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Forschner Knives

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 04/12/08
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Views: 904

Forschner makes a great set of knives from chef's knives to boning knives. We like the good price and sturdy design, and of course it comes with the America's Test Kitchen recommendation.

We have reviewed many of their knife designs below. 

Forschner 10 1/4 inch Bread Knife

Longer than usual blade. Good, comfortable handle design.

Forschner 10-inch Chef's Knife

Comfortable handle design. Nice sharp blade out of the box.

Forschner 3.25-inch Paring Knife

At 3.25 inches it might be a little short for some uses. 4 inches is usually too long, so we prefer 3 1/2 inches.

Forschner 6-inch Boning Knife

Most knife block sets do not come with a boning knife, or with one of low quality.

Forschner 7-inch Santoku Knife

Santoku knives are made for cutting vegetables but they have become very popular and some people prefer them to chef's knives. We still prefer chef's knives.

Forschner 8-inch Carving Knife

If you want to cut up a chicken or carve a turkey with ease you will find that a caving knife is useful.

Forschner 8-Inch Chef's Knife

We generally prefer heavier knives from Wusthof but this is a nice knife and it is much cheaper than the $100 German knives.

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