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Forschner 8-inch Carving Knife

Last Modified: 04/06/08
First Published: 03/30/08
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Views: 649

Brand & Type: R H Forschner 8-inch Carving Knife, Stiff Blade, Black Fibrox Handle

Price range: $20 - $30 knife

Rating: Medium

Description: 8-inch Carving Knife with slip resistant handle made of black fibrox.

Pros: Comfortable handle design. Nice sharp blade out of the box.

Cons: Blade is stamped, that only matters if you want more weight or a thicker blade.

Conclusion: This is a very good knife, and of course it comes with the America's Test Kitchen recommendation. Caving knives are usually over-looked by many. But if you want to cut up a chicken or carve a turkey with ease you will find that a caving knife is useful.

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