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Farberware Standing Mixer

Last Modified: 11/07/07
First Published: 07/17/07
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Views: 1632

Brand & Type: Farberware Standing Mixer

Price range: High at the time

Rating: Medium

Description: A Farberware free standing mixer with a stainless steel bowl & white & brown top. The bowl says made in England with a 4C on the bottom. There is no model number on it but it was made in the 80's. There's an opening on the top that was supposed to fit a juice extractor. It has 3 attachments--whisk, dough hook & flat beater.

Pros: It has worked well over the years and whips & beats quickly. It has all the speeds and is very sturdy. I do like the stainless steel bowl and is large enough to hold quite a bit.

Cons: This mixer is very heavy and awkward to use and is hard to clean under the bowl.

Conclusion: This is an old mixer but has performed well over the years and I don't have the heart to get a newer version.

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