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Emile Henry Provencal Lasagna Baker

Last Modified: 04/12/08
First Published: 11/14/07
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Views: 932

Brand & Type: Emile Henry Provencal 13 by 10-Inch Lasagna Baker emile_henry

Price range: Medium-High, around $50

Rating: High

Description: 13 by 10-Inch Lasagna Baker Dish made of durable Burgandian clay.

Pros: Beautiful sturdy dish made of great quality that retains and transfers heat well.

Cons: The price is a little high.

Conclusion: Emile Henry makes beautiful, durable stoneware dishes that stand up to a lot of use. One of their pieces will last for many years. This is a very versatile and sturdy pie dish that is suitable for lasagna, casseroles, macaroni and cheese and more...